Tips for attaching your InvisiRoos:

View our video demo here.

  1. Place one loop around one arm of your glasses. Position the loop between the bend and the end in the glasses arm.

  2. Secure by sliding the silver bead tight against the glasses arm. Pull tight. Repeat with the other loop around the other arm.

  3. Open the magnetic clasp (easier if you ‘break’ it like you are cracking a nut!) and put your glasses on to check the sizing. When the magnet is attached, it should rest just below your hairline.

  4. Sizing: Mark the point on the line where you want the magnet to be. Remove glasses and mark the same point on the other line. Slide the magnet toward the glasses to expose your mark. Clip the line a bit below your mark, leaving room to tie a single knot in the line so the knot falls on your mark. This allows the magnet to stay in place. Repeat on the other side.



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*Magnets may not be suitable for persons with pacemakers.Do not ingest magnets.