magnetic glasses retainer

Keep your glasses on.

Keep moving and shaking all day without the bother of slipping, sliding, annoying glasses. Whether you are gardening, running, biking, or just living your active life, InvisiRoos keeps your glasses in place, invisibly. With sturdy nylon filament and a strong magnetic clasp, your glasses will stay where you need them – when you need them.

  • Lightweight - less than .03 ounces (0.5 grams)
  • Virtually invisible – clear nylon filament
  • Cool and comfortable – no heat, no sweat
  • Easy on and off – magnetic clasp opens in back
  • Quick custom sizing for a perfect fit






Click here to get your InvisiRoos now, for under $10. We ship worldwide for a flat rate of $2 per order, so order enough for all your sunglasses, your sports glasses, and everyone you know.

*Magnets may not be suitable for persons with pacemakers.Do not ingest magnets.