How does InvisiRoos keep my glasses in place?

With sturdy nylon filament and a strong magnetic clasp, InvisiRoos attaches to your glasses and stays put. We've developed custom attachment loops that fix to any glasses, regardless of their size.

What size do I need?

This is one of those rare times when one size really does fit all. The custom attachment loops adjust easily to any glasses, and you decide where the clasp should go. Check out our demo at youtube.com – search on InvisiRoos.

How do I put them on my glasses?

Most of our customers are able to attach them in less than two minutes. Written instructions are included with your package, or can be found here, but most people like to view our video demo.




Click here to get your InvisiRoos now, for under $10. We ship worldwide for a flat rate of $2 per order, so order enough for all your sunglasses, your sports glasses, and everyone you know.

*Magnets may not be suitable for persons with pacemakers.Do not ingest magnets.